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When every wolf is at your door ...
Invite them in for cuddles!
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3rd-Feb-2009 05:11 am - It's All About Food - A Long Rant
Blue Woof
I've written before about the parasitic beings in the astral realms who drain our energy for their own benefit, using us as a food source. It was all a bit doomy and gloomy and I knew there was more to it but didn't articulate it at the time. I've been thinking about this recently late at night (funny what comes to you when your mind stops processing the stuff of the day that just went by).

The main premises of the previous article are:

- we are, at our essence, creatures made of energy
- living creatures are like batteries or pipes, capable of both storing and transmitting energy
- this energy is a food source in the Universe
- certain non physical creatures are using humans as a food source, energetically.

Let's look at it more deeply.

The Universe is energy. It contains energy. Energy flows through it from one place to another, in many different vibrational levels and frequencies. I suspect that the energy of the Universe needs a medium through which it flows; this is called the ether. The ether is the baseline energy of the Universe; all things arise from it and all things return to it, eternally.

The ether is simply a medium, the carrier. It is not conscious or aware. However consciousness can be applied to it to change its state/frequency into another state. This is most likely what the Universe is, the baseline ether having been modified by Consciousness into various states.

One of the capabilities that conscious beings have is the ability to change the state of the ether, in effect, to generate energy or to raise the frequency of the ether around themselves. As a living system each entity survives by processing energy. Since all things came from the ether we are all made of energy, and we each vibrate at a particular frequency, and thus we affect the ether around us (our surroundings) by changing it to the frequency that we are vibrating at.

The Universe is a system based upon flow. As carriers of universal energy we recieve, integrate/process, and transmit energy (this process is replete throughout nature - look at the neuron as a simple example). But we are also capable of storing or containing energy - we have a capacity, like a battery, or the width of a pipe, as to how much energy we can contain, or to allow to flow through us. We can also be open or closed, either letting the energy flow freely, or holding onto it.

Now, the energy that we need to survive is directly related to our vibrational frequency. We need a certain type of fuel to survive. It has to be compatible with our system otherwise we can't process it. So we look for similar sources of energy to our own vibrational frequency in order to survive.

It is likely that lower frequencies of energy cause a living system to be inwards-directed, i.e. a closed system. Stuff that we call fear, hate, anger, jealousy, rage ... things that instinctively make you 'close up'. Someone coming at you with a knife and screaming does not make you want to throw your arms around them and love them to death.

Now this condition of being closed is very likely endemic to the way energy works, it's not our fault, it's a byproduct of where we are and what we're made of. But it does have ramifications.

So, in effect, we look for and eat energy that is similar to our own vibrational level. It is therefore likely, that at least an unconscious level, we not only look for suitable sources of energy to feed upon (usually other people, because they're generating energy) but that we actively seek to create circumstances around ourselves to change our surrounding energy to a suitable vibration for us to eat.

It is also likely that the level of your vibration (and your carrying capacity) is directly tied to your intelligence as an information-processing creature - smarter creatures have greater capacity for processing information, as well as being able to process higher quality of information. So the most beneficial state for someone to be in, generally speaking, is one of allowing flow rather than resticting it, and allowing greater capacity rather than limiting it, and increasing the quality/vibrational level of the flow (because it raises your own vibrational level and gives you access to 'better food', shall we say).

Now I mentioned before that at certain frequencies, we tend to be closed, and as our frequency increases, we tend to be open. What if you had a creature that was vibrating just below the level of openness, but had been around for a very long time and had gotten so used to its condition that it simply didn't know that another (potentially better!) condition existed - its information capacity did not allow for the acceptance of a higher condition of being, since acceptance is a quality of openness and thus of a higher vibrational frequency.

If it's very old, it might have grown quite large. And large creatures need to eat more food.

What if its level of intelligence had allowed it to see that other creatures around it not only acted as sources of food, but that it realised its own need for a certain vibrational frequency of energy, and learned to harvest their energy for its own use, by generating conditions that caused its food-source to vibrate at the level of energy that it needed to survive?

What we think of as evil may be nothing more than a universal survival instinct.

The story so far: ancient non-physical creatures (likely having evolved beyond the need to maintain physical bodies) have domesticated humans to act as their food source, by making us generate fear, anger, hatred, violence, and every other 'low' emotional state. They are smart enough to keep us at the required vibrational level because if we vibrate faster, we're simply no good to them as a food source. And since they operate in a closed system (due to their own vibrational frequency) they need to survive off others; they cannot freely allow the flow of energy through their own systems and thus need to maintain a cycle of predation in order to survive.

In all likelihood, some of these creatures may have been seen as gods by ancient peoples. Some few people, in raising their own vibrational level, came into contact with the creatures, who promised the individual power if they would transmit some information to their tribe, telling them how to act (or indeed forcing them to act in certain ways through fearful means), all of which generates energy for the creature to eat. Thus the creatures have a vested interest in maintaining certain beliefs and behaviour patterns in humanity, down through the ages this information became law, and a system of control, generating a symbiotic relationship between the creature and the 'higher' individuals who came to worship them as gods. They became priests, shamans, kings, warlords, elders - people in positions of power who were directly benefitting from their relationship with the creature - more energy for them, probably greater carrying capacity of energy and thus capable of 'miracles' beyond the lower-energy and lower-capacity tribes that they oversaw.

Over time, the priests and elders would grow old, and need to pass on their information to trusted devotees and followers, so that the god would always have a supply of food. So law became tradition, and lineages of families and individuals within a religion or sect carried the information from ancient times into modern times, all the while keeping the information of what they were doing a secret from the masses, who would surely rise up and kill them if they found out the horrible truth.

So we see ourselves after thousands of years, still mired in hatred and war, in religions that promise so much and deliver so little (actually they deliver lots - of energy - to the god in question and his priest-clan of devotees), and nobody can see a way out of it, because seeing a way out requires one to be open to increasing their vibrational level and carrying capacity, and the gods are actively involved in making sure you don't open up and get bigger.

However it's not all bad news!

Not everyone would have been trapped by the gods. Some few, over time, would have succeeded in raising their vibration beyond the critical level and become open systems rather than closed ones. And suddenly new vistas of experience and opportunity would have become apparent to them! Rather than feeding off other people, they saw that they themselves were not only generating the energy they needed to survive, but as their capacity increased, they had excess energy, and that this energy was capable of transforming those around them into higher states of being - IF ONLY the individuals so affected would ALLOW it to happen - and most people, in their closed states of fear, would not allow it - believing the old maxim of 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't'.

This is, I suspect, the reason that light-workers and gurus can't 'enlighten' you - you cannot force a closed system to open without damaging it, and we're all closed systems. So they sit there radiating goodness and love and light, to those that are open to it, and hoping that those that aren't will somehow be affected by it enough to see that opening up is really a good thing after all.

One of the ironic things about all this is that the good guys eat energy too. But they want higher quality energy. And they want lots and lots of it, because they're massive and open and expansive. And it just so happens that when someone opens up they start on an upwards spiral of increasing their vibrational level, increasing their energy capacity, and increasing their ability to generate higher and higher levels of energy, which is all flowing out and feeding all the other higher beings, who in turn are growing and getting bigger and brighter ... so beyond that crucial threshold the Universe is a self-rewarding mechanism, and I suspect it's by design.

Once when I was on mushrooms (sadly only got to try them once) I saw everyone as points and pipes in a Matrix (long before the movie) and that everyone was growing brighter, and that the energy was causing those around them to grow brighter and emit their own energy, and so on and so forth, in cascading waves outwards. And at certain levels of capacity (such as a certain number of people all turned on, so to speak) it leapt up to a higher dimension, like an electron leaping to a higher orbit. And it kept exponentially blasting outwards. I got the impression that this was God, and that the goal was to 'turn God on'; and also, oddly enough, that it hadn't happened before, that the process would lead us into truly novel territory.

What happens when you turn God on?
30th-Oct-2008 01:42 pm - David Tennant quitting Doctor Who!
Blue Woof
Timelord David Tennant quits the Tardis after five years

David Tennant is to quit as Doctor Who at the end of next year.

Tennant took up the role as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in 2005, and will end his tenure after filming five final episodes, the last of which will be shown early in 2010.

The actor made the announcement just before he won the Outstanding Drama Performance award at the National Television Awards last night. He was up against his Doctor Who sidekick Catherine Tate for their respective roles as the Timelord and his assistant Donna Noble. The series also won the Most Popular Drama award, beating Desperate Housewives, Shameless and The Bill.

Tennant has been widely hailed as one of the most popular Doctors in the history of the show, which began in November 1963 with William Hartnell in the role.

The BBC confirmed that Tennant would complete the filming of four special episodes to be shown this year and early in 2010, as well as a Christmas special in 2009. There is no series scheduled for next year because of Tennant’s commitments with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He said: “I’ve had the most brilliant, bewildering and life-changing time working on Doctor Who. I have loved every day of it. It would be very easy to cling on to the Tardis console for ever and I fear that if I don’t take a deep breath and make the decision to move on now, then I simply never will. You would be prising the Tardis key out of my cold dead hand. This show has been so special to me, but I don’t want to outstay my welcome.”

Born David McDonald, the actor changed his name to Tennant because the actors’ union Equity does not allow two actors to be listed with identical names. He took over from Christopher Eccleston in 2005, after the show had been off screens for nine years since Paul McGann’s Doctor took off in the Tardis for the last time in 1996.

The primetime sci-fi drama has long been famous for the ability of the Timelord to regenerate and change appearance as he nears death (or as the actor playing him looks for a new challenge). When he took the role, Tennant said that he was fulfilling a childhood dream. “Who wouldn’t want to be the Doctor? I’ve even got my own Tardis,” he said.

In 2006 the readers of Doctor Who Magazine voted Tennant Best Doctor ahead of the traditional favourite Tom Baker, and last year Tennant’s Doctor was voted the “coolest character” on television in a survey conducted by Radio Times.

Tate suggested on Jonathan Ross’s Radio 2 show last year that Tennant may step down after the next series, although Tennant was quick to deny the rumours and said: “Catherine Tate stitched me up good and proper. She goes on Jonathan Ross and makes up a load of old nonsense.”

He said last night: “When Doctor Who returns in 2010 it won’t be with me. Now don’t make me cry. The 2009 shows will be my last playing the doctor.”

The Cold Feet star James Nesbitt has often been mentioned as the actor in the frame to become the 11th Timelord. But the bookmakers Paddy Power favour Joseph Paterson as the favourite to take over the role, offering odds of 3-1 on him becoming the first black doctor.

The Life on Mars star John Simm and his co-star in the political drama State of Play, David Morrisey, are also given odds of 8-1 and 5-1 respectively to pick up the keys to the Tardis.

Russell T. Davies, the programme’s executive producer, said: “The tenth Doctor still has five spectacular hours left, after which I might drop an anvil on his head. Or maybe a piano. A radioactive piano.

“But we’re planning the most enormous and spectacular ending, so keep watching.”
6th-Dec-2007 05:18 pm - Comings and goings - a furry post.
Blue Woof
I deleted Dalmation today. He was the last of the family of alts I made back in 2002-2004. I should have deleted him a long time ago but some people were carrying a torch for him.

It was the same with Pantherion. It's hard to delete part of your life that other people are attached to. And a lot of them refuse to get to know your main. That's their fault, of course, especially with someone who makes a lot of alts, but if you're having repeated hot scenes with one particular character in someone's stable, the owner of that character should let you know if they're about to delete the alt, and tell you who their main is, if they value your friendship at all. Did it all mean nothing? The intimate cuddles, the holding of paws, and the looking deep into each other's eyes? I would certainly have to say that for most people it would not, or they don't realise how attached someone may have gotten to that character.

You can tell that I've both had this done to me and done it to others. That's why I decided to not have any more alts. For one, a main is around forever, so there's always hope for a follow up. Or at least until that person leaves the fandom. But, like I said, there are those who don't like your main, or aren't willing to transfer their emotions onto someone they didn't fall in love with, or made a pact with, or became good friends with.

Having Tapestries lock name changes probably went a good way towards people not being so frivolous with characters but it's really not very hard to make a new one.

I wish there was some sort of forum where I could post the names of characters I had been fond of in the past, and their players could come forth and tell me that they're still around. That's if our friendships, romances or flings meant anything to them at all.

Woof woof.
10th-Nov-2007 08:31 am - Inconsiderate people
Blue Woof
Right - time to bitch.

How many of you live with inconsiderate people? How many of you put up with it? How many of you want to kill that person because they just won't stop being inconsiderate?

I live with a woman who must be either incredibly stupid, unaware, evil, deliberately nasty, or all of the above. I feel that she goes out of her way to annoy me, specifically by making as much noise as she can in the kitchen, which is directly behind my bedroom, as possible, as early in the morning as she can.

It's only really started since she's had a baby. Maybe it gets her up early but sometimes as early a 6 am she'll take it into the kitchen and sing loudly to it, or play musical instruments (I kid you not - she has a xylophone which she insisted on banging on at 6 am for days on end), and today - she decided to make a cake.

Who the fuck in their right mind bakes a cake on a Saturday morning at 8 am? With the hand beater whirring happily away banging against the insides of a ceramic bowl? It's not like she doesn't know I'm asleep - one morning after being woken up yet again, I was so frazzled that I literally wanted to kill her, and stormed out to the kitchen and told her in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up because I was trying to sleep - she just keeps doing it.

I can't afford to move out before another 14 to 20 months have passed. Earplugs don't help.

Anyone got any advice?
1st-Aug-2007 12:04 pm - I'm a stud(ent)!
Blue Woof
Woof woof!

After having given my resignation to iinet I felt a lot more relaxed and comfortable about being there, since I was now doing about a fifth of my usual workload simply by dint of taking 5 to 10 minute breaks between every phone call. It felt good and my team leader wasn't usually there so nobody seemed to care.

Come Thursday (before the final day Friday) I decided that I had had enough and told them to fire me. They wouldn't. They literally refused, even though I had flouted the system by turning up an hour late and then going home an hour early the last couple of days, to really try to drive the point home. See, in case I didn't get into my course I had to get them to fire me because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get social security payments for 6 to 12 weeks afterwards (if you quit your job).

Now, the technical college (TAFE) that I was applying to, had told me that they would contact me by the following Friday (a week after the course had started). I thought this was leaving too much in the paws of fate so I called the head teacher a couple of times just to make sure things were progressing nicely. Apparently this helped and after calling them on the Friday as well they called me back a few minutes later to tell me that I had gotten in and to come in and enrol!


The other head teacher told me after I had come in, that my persistance had indeed paid off and that even though there were other prospective students not yet placed into the course (they did tell me it was very popular and some of the classes are 20 people - too many) that she liked me and my determination. :-) And that I was the first late enrollee to be placed. :-)

Now I'm just waiting on social security to call me back so I can apply for Austudy, which is a student dole sort of thing.

I get Wednesdays and Fridays off for the next 6 months. :-)

Many cuddles and thanks to Dog and my Hyperself for helping me to get in.
22nd-Jul-2007 01:24 pm - Of Deathly Hallows and Horcruxes
Blue Woof
Got the book at 9:30 yesterday morning and was finished before midnight.

One thing I think Rowling has acknowledged in her later books is large amounts of fluffy exposition that barely progress the story, padding out the action sequences that will invariably end up in the movies. So the fluffy bits get compressed into montages that still relatively convey the long periods of time that are being discussed, usually with scenes of changing weather to expound upon time passing.

The action scenes are pretty good, overall. I thought only two major characters were going to die? I don't know how she determines major or minor but she really does off quite a few. I suppose it's 'realistic' that good die with the bad. No, I'm not giving any spoilers.

Things that I expected to happen, did not, and unexpected things did. I suppose that's always good. Some things happened as you knew they would.

I'll leave it up to people to just read the damn thing now.
16th-Jul-2007 08:06 pm - Pupdates!
Blue Woof
I have a new friend! His name is doujoux and he's a Perth furr who works for the isp that I work for (You know you have my condolences. ^_^) He knows fairbank_otts and from what I can tell was once on Furrymuck as a birdie.

Today I went to Tafe to submit my application. I phoned the head teacher this morning to find out if they got my earlier application and she said they did not, and even sent someone to the admin office to look for it and came up empty. So I had to go in and give them another one. I hope they don't mind the brevity or the fact that I did not mention that I had done 2 other Tafe courses before (although the latter one I did not complete).

The party I went to on Saturday was quite awesome. I was quite shitfaced on Sunday and took the day off work. Fellow librarian rarr confirmed that I shall be earning significantly more as a library technician (diploma level) than I currently am, which chuffed me greatly, since it entails less work, doing a job I like more. Yay for me.

Regardless of whether I get into the course or not (I shall know in two days and shall keep you all appraised) this is the 5th last day of my employment at iinet. This fact makes me a happy woof.

And because I am practising my tags and embeddings, here is a Dramatic Chipmunk.

7th-Jul-2007 03:39 pm - The waiting ...
Blue Woof
Update of my life so far:

I am not going to be a post woof. It was a silly idea and in my past now, forgotten.

However I am on a new track, one which actually makes sense for me and which I plan to make a career out of. I am going to be a librarian woof. :-)

- Quiet job in indoors environment
- No stress
- Loads of books to read
- People to help
- Mon - Fri, 9 to 5, good government job! The sort that makes mum proud.

I've mentioned before that I can be a bit slow on the uptake (fringe autism and all that). I even have 2 friends who are librarians (Dom and Tivo) but had never thought about it for myself.

Tafe semester 2 starts in a week or so and my application is in but of course very late. I shall go there in a week to see if I can make it into this semester else I shall have to wait for next year. I am praying to Dog to let me in now as that would be quite ideal given that work is gonna fire me any week now coz I am beyond the point of caring about this job.

I shall of course let you all know how it goes since I shall be squealing like a schoolpuppy if I do make it in.
25th-Jun-2007 06:55 pm - Padpads!
Blue Woof
Today I went to see a dermatologist regarding the spot on the tip of my nosepad. It's a brown spot that appeared a couple of years ago may be getting very, very slowly bigger.

The dermatologist froze it using EXTREMELY COLD AIR (brrr, arctic woof!) from a little hand held cylinder of ... extremely cold air. It stung. And then it went numb.

He says it will blister and scab, and should go away. If it doesn't go away within six to eight weeks they will take a skin sample.

And I got him to look at the strange blisters on my left main footpad. Corns, he says. Usually caused by uneven weight distribution in shoes, and he recommends inner soles. They would have been caused by my last pair of shoes which were years beyond their expiration date.

Unexpected consequences of not doing something about my shoes when I should have. Anyway, woofs shouldn't wear shoes coz we have big furry footpaws.
25th-Jun-2007 03:57 pm - If I was an evil overlord ...
Blue Woof
I doubt I could top the Master, from Dr Who.

Talk about being a prick! Let's see what he did:

- Stole the Tardis and turned it into a mega disco doomsday device. Mad props.
- Became Prime Minister of Britain. Only assholes would do this.
- Hypnotised everyone to think he's a great guy. Awesome megalomania.
- Built a network of satellites to accomplish this. More mad props.
- Blasted the President of the USA into tiny bits of goo. FUCK YEAH.
- Kidnapped all of Martha's family and held them as hostages. Pretty standard, really.
- Aged the Doctor 100 years rather than killing him. Cool factor 100+.
- Tore a rift in space and time letting in BILLIONS of evil robots that exterminated one tenth of all humanity. This just oozes 'I am a total cunt and I hate you'.

How will our intrepid heroes stop him?
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